What Are Trends?


Have you ever wondered what the current design trend was? Or how it comes about? Or what it all mean?

Image result for stressed emoticonbewilderment emojiRecently, I was asked to write about this year’s design trends.  The more I looked into it, the more confused I got.  One person says one thing is out, another person says it’s in.  Which one is it?  So, in order to make sense of this,

 I thought, rather than just be another person adding to the confusion, I

would try to make sense of it all!thinking emoji


Rather than just jumping straight into what the 2017 trends are, let’s take a look at what are trends, who sets them, and how they are determined.




By definition, a trend is a change or development in a particular direction.  This change is a ‘good idea’ that satisfies a want, and is made up of a mix of tangible and intangible attributes such as benefits, features, functions etc.

In today’s world, this is contributed to by social media.

In design, a trend is what is popular at any certain time.  Trends tend to be ‘fluid’, moving in a direction through the seasons.  This may be a slow change.  A rapid change does not necessarily come from a flow unless the previous ‘trend’ has not satisfied the want.

Up Next:  Trend Analysis.

p Next:  Trend Analysis.


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