2017 Colour Trends

 The colours for 2017 are greens, blues, mid-earth tones, pastels and jewel colours.

There are two sources for the years colour trend report


 Pantone Greenery

The colour GREENERY is a refreshing, revitalising shade, symbolising new beginning.

Colours to pair with GREENERY as reported by Pantone­­

For more details go to



Dulux produce a booklet, called Antidote: A Colour Cure that provides the paint colours they predict for 2017.  The  link is:

Where you can download it for free.

 Dulux Antidote

Please Note that the following colours are not true, best is to go to their website, or visit a store for the true colours.  Following are copied of pages from the magazine,

Sentience – A tactile Remedy

 Dulux Sentience palatte

Chroma – A graphic view

 Dulux Chromapalette

Entwine – A colourful weave

 Dulux Entwine Palette

Construct – A luxe foundation

Dulux Construct Palette

Chinese year of the Red Fire fire rooster

As the element for the Chinese year 2017 is RED, do not use red in your clothes and accessories. Red coloured stones like ruby, garnet and pink topaz too are better avoided. Instead, use colors that will complement the red and fire element. Earth coloured items like brown or yellow are most suitable for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs in 2017.


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