Fabrics and Patterns

2017 is an exciting period for fabrics and patterns.  They are bold, brassy, textured and contradictory.

1    Bold colours, mixed patterns, and texture.  From Warwick Fabrics NZ

pic 1

This year is all about the home, being comfortable and relaxing, a lived-in area, not a show piece, a place to escape to.


2   2017 living room filled with a variety of fabrics, but is warm and comforting in design.  From Elle Décor

So, the fabrics are reflecting this mood.

Texture – in the form of velvets, raw organic linens, contrasting textures.

pic 3

3     Velvet fabric with a geometric smooth imprint pattern.  From Buy Fabrics

 pic 4

4     Raw Linens can be used in all areas of the interior.  From Jane Clayton Fabric UK

pic 5

5     Mixed textured natural lamb’s wool/linen/bamboo fabric from  Nepal Textiles.

Patterns–  large bold patterns, tropical, geometric, palm/fern fronds, botanicas, art nouveau, mid-century vibe, tribal, jungle prints, Indian.

6      Bold prints, bold colours, mixed patterns.  From Unique Home Furniture

pic 7

7     Tropical print with large sized palm fronds, note the various materials and textures, Planchenella House by Jesse Bennett Cairns, Australia

8     Example of Mid-century room,                    9    Example of a curtain fabric Mid-Century,

                  from realestate.com.au                                         from eBay

pic 10

10      Art Deco Design – chair from Domo

A significant trend is bold mixing of patterns in contradiction to each other, colours lined in black, patterns clashing.

Metallic – metallic sheens, bold gold with black, brass and burnished metals.

pic 11

11     Metallic fabrics from Heimtextil, sourced from WGSN Insider

Plain fabrics – natural fibre with natural textures, tactile, warm, earthy.

12       Some examples of earthy plain fabrics in wool, from Maxwell Rodgers Fabrics          Plateau in Desert, Heather and Sulphur and Rutherford Mustard.

Title Images from Skopos Fabrics


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