The Battle of Starting a New Business and Career!

I sit here this morning, hearing the wind wail past the bedroom window, see the glimmer of sun break through the blinds.  When all of a sudden, with a great clash and thud, the room falls into darkness and the sky falls in as the rain ‘buckets’ down to the over quenched lawns below.

Its been another tiring week, 12-18 hour days, going to work to pay the bills, working on my beloved interior design projects, and studying (always!).  Trying to run and start a business is hard enough on its own.  But, the bills still need to be paid, the roof over our head and the food in the fridge, and with a teenage boy present, that’s a constant job on its own!  I have always been one to be busy, flat-out, working, studying and playing, so that is no feat, but chuck a family into the works, and strings start to get a bit thin! For some that in its self is a full time job.

One of those days where I actually went out with the family, and not work at all. This time a visit to Old Talem Town, on the edge of Talem Bend South Australia. A great day out, can have a picnic, potter around, for me a bit of nostalgia from my young teenage town!

I am lucky, my partner is extremely supportive, his kids are just so easy to get on with and no work (other than ‘feed me’!).  But, he too runs his own business, and has its ups and downs too.  So, I battle on, que sera sera (yeap use to love that song by Doris Day as a kid, sing, or rather screech it around, who knew it would be a catch phrase with me throughout life!)

I always though she was a human form of sunshine, always wanted to be like that, never let the stormclouds over.  Even at 92 she oozed sunshine, something to aspire too! – anyway I digress!

SO, when I lay in bed this morning thinking of the dark winters day outside, I relish in the thought I can sit inside without gilt of not doing some outdoor activity on a Sunday, and work on my designs.

I get a coffee in bed when I wake up at MY leisure.  Sitting there reading a Habitus magazine, with the wind and rain raging outside.  I can hear the young man on the computer watching some youtube clip, with sudden bursts of happy laughters and giggles, soothing and warming sounds.  When, I hear tink tink down the end of the house, followed by a thud thud and squeaky floor boards (yeap on sneaking in our house!) progressing up the hallway to the bedroom.  I arm my defences as to why I am still lazing in be at 9:30.  Then through the open door comes in my lovely partner, arm loaded with a tray of breakfast.

Scrambled eggs and bacon on toast, with a nice nespressos coffee, with my own serving of fresh ground salt and pepper.20170806_095646 1

Left to my piece and quiet, TV on house hunter, magazine by my side and an extremely yummy and  well cooked breakfast.


So now I am ready to hit the work again, all filled with sunshine.



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