julz - edit bg“Design should be for everyone, and should be accessible to all.  If a personal space is designed with emotion and logic, it becomes a space to look forward to return to”.

Julie Eder is the founder of Julz In2Design based in Adelaide Australia.  With a strong problem solving background and project management, Julie enjoys the challenges of creating designs within a given space, to increase functionality and cohesion.

Having always been creative and constantly looking for new inspirations and ideas in the environment about her, and always questioning the how’s, why’s and what ifs, Julie brings a fresh look at interior design, refusing to be constrained by convention.

Julie brings experiences from a problem solving back ground and engineering, and has been a project manager for a number of years.  Make ideas work and researching concepts, along with being creative is not only a passion of Julie’s, but what drives her to success.  She is passionate about the environment and reducing our impact where possible and practical.

If you can think of it (an idea) then there must be a way to achieve it, we are now only limited by our imaginations.” This is the motto Julie works by.



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