Services and Fees

IF you are bewildered on how to begin working on your living space, not sure where to purchase items, what works with what, how to make a style, what colours to use, how to finish a room, drop me a line and we can arrange how I can help.

Need help with your budgeting for you interior work, whether tracking the costs, or how to set your budget, I can help you whether it is as a one off, or ongoing for your design journey duration.

I am here to help you, no matter how big or small your budget or knowledge is.

I can help with design of furniture or the re-purposing of old, dated or damaged furniture.

Let me visualise your space with 3D rendering, so you can see what works in your space, or how your ideas (or mine) will look.
The Link below is to my current charges and the major services they include.

Rates and Services

This is not a closed list, and may vary for each client as to the services they require and will be discussed on the first Consultation/Job Brief.




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