Interior fashion is referred to as a style.  These are defined as a specific collection and theme of order, for example modern style trends to be clean straight lines, minimalist has minimal décor, French provincial is pretty, delicate and swirly.  These fashions stand the test of time and do not tend to fade, though they may have short periods, such as retro or postmodernism.  Styles tend not to fluctuate, but may evolve.

When having a conversation about interior design, one of the common questions is “what style or styles do you like?”  When a style is mentioned, there is an automatic image we all have, say art deco is black and gold, plush, geometric, while the earlier art nouveau is organic, floral, nature inspired, flowing, warm.

At times styles may be intermingled, taking aspects of each to fulfil an idea, for example modern contemporary, or industrial Scandinavian.

This category looks at the different styles, and how they can be used.

French Provincial Buffet

Minimalist Buffet from Decoist


Industrial Buffet from Custom Made, USA