Wedding Planning

Wow, gotten engaged, congratulations. How exciting.

Now its time to start bringing to life all the dreams of the fairytale wedding. There’s the wedding dress, the dresses, the suits, flowers, lights, oh, where to start, what to do, what has been forgotten, the cake, where do I get the cake? Where do I get married? which church? which beach? where is there somewhere different?…………….

Let’s face it there’s so much to do, whether it be a short engagement, or a long one, the process is extremely time consuming. Here at Julz In2Design – Wedding Planning, we love to do all these things, so let us do it all for you. We can help you make the choices, decisions, find all the wants and wishes. We will keep your time schedule in order, and make sure all appointments are made in due time. Our Dream Is Our Delight. And help with the budget!

In recent times, all our plans have had to be changed. This may be distressing, but we can help you get through it.

Let us help you with the rescheduling of your big plans and take the burden off you. We can negotiate new venues or venue dates, change of invitations and save the dates. The cost of reprinting the Invitations can be an issue, we can negotiate these costs, or a more cost effective electronic version of your original invites, either in a document form, or a video form.

If you have become engaged recently in this time, we can help you announce the event, organize your engagement party, wedding, hens and bucks events. Many details can be arranged through this time, now we can begin making realtime plans, we can finalise and confirm venues, times, dates. An advantage of this is that the costs can be spread out, everything including dresses can be ready to go, meaning you do not need to wait another longer to arrange everything.

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