The Battle of Starting a New Business and Career!

When you work soooo hard, and your soooo tired, and you still have soooo much to do, the little things that surprise you make it all worth while! … More The Battle of Starting a New Business and Career!


Fabrics and Patterns

2017 is an exciting period for fabrics and patterns.  They are bold, brassy, textured and contradictory. 1    Bold colours, mixed patterns, and texture.  From Warwick Fabrics NZ This year is all about the home, being comfortable and relaxing, a lived-in area, not a show piece, a place to escape to. 2   2017 living room filled … More Fabrics and Patterns

Joseph Walsh Studio

Some time ago, early in my design path, I was asked to design a dining room ’with a difference’.  To use a triadic or tetradic colour scheme, be harmonious, subtle and waring.  Good lord, so many choices. So, I decided to start with the furniture. Let’s face it, they come as fixed items and are … More Joseph Walsh Studio


Postmodern, Post-modernism, Post Modern Source Post-modernism is a distinctive style recognised from the 1960’s (it’s origin date is a point of debate) to the 1990’s, with its dominance in the 1970’s to 1990’s.    In 1966 Robert Venturi describes post-modernism in his book “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” and built his mother a post-modern house, Vanna … More Post-modern

How are Trends determined – Part 2

Trends are determined from a collection of a lot of data, from images, news media, exhibitions, from budgets, economics, public awareness, environmental issues, from social media, from TV, from………….. the list is extensive. A person (or a group of people) is/are then expected to go through all that data and try to find patterns occurring, … More How are Trends determined – Part 2


2017 Colour Trends  The colours for 2017 are greens, blues, mid-earth tones, pastels and jewel colours. There are two sources for the years colour trend report 1:  PANTONE   The colour GREENERY is a refreshing, revitalising shade, symbolising new beginning. Colours to pair with GREENERY as reported by Pantone­­ For more details go to COLOUR


Have you ever tried to define style?  I mean what is it? How is it distinguished?  We all know what we mean when we hear ‘her style is…….’, ‘the design style is…….’, ‘the writing style follows …….’.  But what do we mean? In my endeavour to define style I went back to the start, the … More Style