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The space we occupy is a reflection of ourselves. Whether it expresses who we are or how we feel, if it is not right, then it’s not inviting

That’s what we do here at Julz In2Design, make your space about you. We provide services, consulting and project management in:

Interior Design to make your space to be the best of you;

Building Design to give you the building that matches your dreams


Wedding Planning to make your beautiful day reflect your love, joy and well, just you.

“If you can think of it, then there must be away to achieve it, we are just limited by our imagination.”is the motto that Julie (Owner and Designer) works by.

Our projects are customised to your needs, whether it be a Package based project or a totally customised project.

Building Design

We are here to work on your dreams. We will work with you throughout the whole design process from the beginning to the finalisation of approval or through to end of the building process.

Interior Design

We are here to work on your dreams, and we can do this remotely if you are remotely located, in another location or very busy.

Interior Design services and consultation

We provides services and consultation in Interior Design for both residential and small business.

Services include, but not limited to, colour, finishes, fixture, furniture selections, spatial planning, purchasing, unique designs, interior and exteriors, budgets and project management.

Services and consultations can be as a packages or customised work.

Sample Packages

Basic – Colour

1-2 Rooms
Based on area of approx. 11sqm, excludes kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchen or Bathroom

No fixed area
Spatial planning, colour schemes, finishes


Any space, any size
This is determined by your requirements and budget

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning services and consultation

We provides services and consultation for weddings.

Services include, but not limited to, themes, colour schemes, decorations, timelines, budgets, setup and organisational service.

Services and consultations can be as customisable fixed packages or full customised service.

Sample Packages


We set you up with a schedule and appointment notifications, provide venue and dress options, colour and themes, and finally sourcing for decorations



Same as Basic, but also includes assisting with purchases, decor details including ordering, working with caterer to fulfill your desires, ensure all components are scheduled and delivered.



This is charged on an hourly basis. The amount of Consultant involvement will depend on requests and budget.


Julz In2Design

Bring joy and tranquillity to you.

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Open Hours

Mon – Sat : 7.00am – 10.00pm
Sun: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm


Adelaide, South Australia


0429 777 939

Consultation Booking & Contact

To book a Consultation, call us 0429 777 939 or use the form below.

Leave your details and query in the form below, with a time from us to get back to you.

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