Rates and Services

The Link below is to my current charges and the major services they include. Rates and Services This is not a closed list, and may vary for each client as to the services they require and will be discussed on the first Consultation/Job Brief. regards Julie   Advertisements

Fabrics and Patterns

2017 is an exciting period for fabrics and patterns.  They are bold, brassy, textured and contradictory. 1    Bold colours, mixed patterns, and texture.  From Warwick Fabrics NZ This year is all about the home, being comfortable and relaxing, a lived-in area, not a show piece, a place to escape to. 2   2017 living room filled … More Fabrics and Patterns

Joseph Walsh Studio

Some time ago, early in my design path, I was asked to design a dining room ’with a difference’.  To use a triadic or tetradic colour scheme, be harmonious, subtle and waring.  Good lord, so many choices. So, I decided to start with the furniture. Let’s face it, they come as fixed items and are … More Joseph Walsh Studio


Postmodern, Post-modernism, Post Modern Source Post-modernism is a distinctive style recognised from the 1960’s (it’s origin date is a point of debate) to the 1990’s, with its dominance in the 1970’s to 1990’s.    In 1966 Robert Venturi describes post-modernism in his book “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” and built his mother a post-modern house, Vanna … More Post-modern

How are Trends determined – Part 2

Trends are determined from a collection of a lot of data, from images, news media, exhibitions, from budgets, economics, public awareness, environmental issues, from social media, from TV, from………….. the list is extensive. A person (or a group of people) is/are then expected to go through all that data and try to find patterns occurring, … More How are Trends determined – Part 2


2017 Colour Trends  The colours for 2017 are greens, blues, mid-earth tones, pastels and jewel colours. There are two sources for the years colour trend report 1:  PANTONE   The colour GREENERY is a refreshing, revitalising shade, symbolising new beginning. Colours to pair with GREENERY as reported by Pantone­­ For more details go to https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2017More COLOUR