is a 21st Century twist on Interior Design, being solely carried out online..

Ever wondered how to go about starting a renovation, or find it a mine field how to create and coordinate a colour scheme. We all look at those glossy magazines with those gorgeous designs, or watched the renovation shows, thinking, I want that, or that looks so “cool” . Lets face it, most of us don’t have any idea how to ” get that look” .

Well that’s what I am here for. To help you walk through the renovation or styling field. How to select the colours, how to choose the right cushions, rugs, bed linen, lighting to ” get that look” . I will personalise the design to to make it become your personal design.

There are many advantages in using e-Design:

  • it allows people on remote areas to access a professional designer;
  • or for an aspiring DIYér to have a design, selections and specifications (what items are needed from large items to the obscure ones) provided for the entire job;
  • a renovation schedule for the relevant progression through the renovation;
  • for a re-styling we can provide colour schemes, (even colour swatches) purchasing list including suppliers, and even place orders for you.
  • we can provide 3D images of the space, walk throughs and layout plans to help you visualise your work.
The 3D model of the east view in the bathroom renovation showing the glass wall that fully or partially opens to the courtyard.
Example of a 3D rendering of design
A spreadsheet generated list of all components that are required in the bathroom renovation, the cost and specifics of the components
An example of a selection specification sheet
Listing all the colours, furnishings and fixtures that make to room styling.  List of all components and suppliers.  This one is a Function room
Example of a Digital Sample Board

Published by Julz In2Design

Through my life I have enjoyed a combination of problem solving and creative innovation. With a Project Management, Engineering and Interior Design background, it seemed a reasonable leap to begin my own Interior Design & Wedding Planning Consulting Business.

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