Light v’s Dark

So, continuing on with light rooms or dark rooms.

Recently, we went out to a newly renovated hotel for dinner. IT was a nice renovation, all light and airy, felt clean and spacious. The walls were white, the floor timber, the chairs and tables basic. You would call it very neutral.

We sat down for dinner, waiting for the arrival of our food when we realised we couldn’t talk to each other. There were only about 14 people in the room, but it was so noisy and echoey. We sat there rather uncomfortable, feeling quite exposed, there were no intimate corners, or seating, just stark white. Within about 10 minutes, we couldn’t wait to get out of the room, and into a more soothing area, and sadly, it was back in the car.

This brought back a memory of an old Inn I stayed in with my friend, that was the complete opposite. It was small in that there were divided areas, with close seating, the windows (only at the front) weren’t too small, the the trees outside made them seem so. The walls were white daub, with thick, heavy timber beams, and the traditional deep red carpet. Although tired from our travels, and the following morning, eager to get on the road again, we found ourselves happily sitting there quietly chatting, not hearing anyone else in the room, although there were a number on the next table.

The dining rooms in the Old Inn, Yeap the middle image was our breakfast!

So, now the question whether to go with the modern, and to dome degree minimalist light/white colours of a room comes down to the function, feel and ambience that you wish to get out of a room.


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