The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life.” Richard Branson

When I was a child, I knew what I wanted to be, a Scientist, specifically a Researcher and Space Biologist. I achieved, one of those dreams, but circumstances re-routed my direction, so the other didn’t happen (would have been awesome, but no regrets!).

But then there was the creative side of me. I was privileged to grow up with parents that didn’t feel the need to push one over the other, and hence I developed both.

Now, life takes me down a different road. I enjoyed my Sciences, and the Engineering showed me how to be a logical creative mind, this suited me even better. The new road has taken me to my other choice as a child, I say other, there wasn’t really a first or second choice, Interior Design.

Some years back I was re-introduced to building and renovations. I looked at was being done, and me doing my thing, saw other or “better”ways to do it. I began asking why can’t it be done this way?, why must it be put there?, why don’t you add this?, why place it there?. The answers were generally the same, “because that’s the way it’s done.” “but why?, if you do it this way, then this can happen and this can be avoided…….”and so on. Often I was told, ÿeap, your right, but…..”. SO, I decided I could do this, and I can do it diffferently. In Science, the limitation is your imagination, this is the main concept for creativity!, so why not? Off to study a whole new field, and with the problem solving, logical processes of my past, I engaged at exercising the artistic creative portion of my brain. My hold back has only been, “I want to do it this way”.

2 years ago, I had an opportunity arise, and thus birthed “Julz In2Design”. I am an Interior Design Business, my limitation is my imagination – an boy is that huge- but unfortunately, despite things moving along at a good pace, I took a leap of faith, trusted and advertising company, and got burned.

Despite being knock back on my butt, I have not given up. Many years (maybe decades to be true), I had an opportunity to run into an entrepreneur who was told at school he’ll either be a bum (beach I think it was), or a entrepreneur, he tried the easy road, didn’t like it (or lack of food), so ventured to the other option, and is one of the best. Ever since I found him to be inspirational, in all aspects of life. Noe I take one of his quotes, which I believe sums up my road now:

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” – Richard Branson

So coming in 2020, Julz In2Design will be fully operational, new imaged, with new trends, inspirations and even bigger enthusiasm. Do the thing I love and am passionate about.

See you all in 2020.


Published by Julz In2Design

Through my life I have enjoyed a combination of problem solving and creative innovation. With a Project Management, Engineering Building Design and Interior Design background, it seemed a reasonable leap to begin my own Interior Design & Wedding Planning Consulting Business.

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