Light v’s Dark

So, continuing on with light rooms or dark rooms.

Recently, we went out to a newly renovated hotel for dinner. IT was a nice renovation, all light and airy, felt clean and spacious. The walls were white, the floor timber, the chairs and tables basic. You would call it very neutral.

We sat down for dinner, waiting for the arrival of our food when we realised we couldn’t talk to each other. There were only about 14 people in the room, but it was so noisy and echoey. We sat there rather uncomfortable, feeling quite exposed, there were no intimate corners, or seating, just stark white. Within about 10 minutes, we couldn’t wait to get out of the room, and into a more soothing area, and sadly, it was back in the car.

This brought back a memory of an old Inn I stayed in with my friend, that was the complete opposite. It was small in that there were divided areas, with close seating, the windows (only at the front) weren’t too small, the the trees outside made them seem so. The walls were white daub, with thick, heavy timber beams, and the traditional deep red carpet. Although tired from our travels, and the following morning, eager to get on the road again, we found ourselves happily sitting there quietly chatting, not hearing anyone else in the room, although there were a number on the next table.

The dining rooms in the Old Inn, Yeap the middle image was our breakfast!

So, now the question whether to go with the modern, and to dome degree minimalist light/white colours of a room comes down to the function, feel and ambience that you wish to get out of a room.


Light or Dark

It is a accepted concept that in a warm/hot country that rooms should be painted in white and light colours to give a cool and fresh feel. But should we ignore the success of the past when there wasn’t a readily available means of cooling.

Image result for white bedrooms

But the colour trends of late are a much bolder and rich colour. So can these be used in hot countries? The answer is yes.

These are the colours from the Indulge palette by Dulux,

So in the next edition, we’ll look at how these can be used to make a room cool.



The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life.” Richard Branson

When I was a child, I knew what I wanted to be, a Scientist, specifically a Researcher and Space Biologist. I achieved, one of those dreams, but circumstances re-routed my direction, so the other didn’t happen (would have been awesome, but no regrets!).

But then there was the creative side of me. I was privileged to grow up with parents that didn’t feel the need to push one over the other, and hence I developed both.

Now, life takes me down a different road. I enjoyed my Sciences, and the Engineering showed me how to be a logical creative mind, this suited me even better. The new road has taken me to my other choice as a child, I say other, there wasn’t really a first or second choice, Interior Design.

Some years back I was re-introduced to building and renovations. I looked at was being done, and me doing my thing, saw other or “better”ways to do it. I began asking why can’t it be done this way?, why must it be put there?, why don’t you add this?, why place it there?. The answers were generally the same, “because that’s the way it’s done.” “but why?, if you do it this way, then this can happen and this can be avoided…….”and so on. Often I was told, ÿeap, your right, but…..”. SO, I decided I could do this, and I can do it diffferently. In Science, the limitation is your imagination, this is the main concept for creativity!, so why not? Off to study a whole new field, and with the problem solving, logical processes of my past, I engaged at exercising the artistic creative portion of my brain. My hold back has only been, “I want to do it this way”.

2 years ago, I had an opportunity arise, and thus birthed “Julz In2Design”. I am an Interior Design Business, my limitation is my imagination – an boy is that huge- but unfortunately, despite things moving along at a good pace, I took a leap of faith, trusted and advertising company, and got burned.

Despite being knock back on my butt, I have not given up. Many years (maybe decades to be true), I had an opportunity to run into an entrepreneur who was told at school he’ll either be a bum (beach I think it was), or a entrepreneur, he tried the easy road, didn’t like it (or lack of food), so ventured to the other option, and is one of the best. Ever since I found him to be inspirational, in all aspects of life. Noe I take one of his quotes, which I believe sums up my road now:

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” – Richard Branson

So coming in 2020, Julz In2Design will be fully operational, new imaged, with new trends, inspirations and even bigger enthusiasm. Do the thing I love and am passionate about.

See you all in 2020.


is a 21st Century twist on Design, being solely carried out online.

Ever wondered how to go about starting a renovation, what is needed to get that extension approved, what are the rules for building, or find it a mine field how to create and coordinate a colour scheme. We all look at those glossy magazines with those gorgeous designs, or watched the renovation shows, thinking, I want that, or that looks so “cool” . Lets face it, most of us don’t have any idea how to ” get that look” .

Well that’s what I am here for. To help you walk through the plans and planning of renovations, a new building or the styling field. How big to make the bedrooms, where do windows go, how to select the colours, how to choose the right cushions, rugs, bed linen, lighting to ” get that look” . I will personalise the design to to make it become your personal design.

There are many advantages in using e-Design:

  • it allows people in remote areas to access a professional designer;
  • having the building design process done without have to attend a multitude of meetings;
  • or for an aspiring DIY’ers to have a design, selections and specifications (what items are needed from large items to the obscure ones) provided for the entire job;
  • a renovation schedule for the relevant progression through the renovation;
  • for a re-styling we can provide colour schemes, (even colour swatches) purchasing list including suppliers, and even place orders for you.
  • we can provide 3D images of the space, walk throughs and layout plans to help you visualise your work.
The 3D model of the east view in the bathroom renovation showing the glass wall that fully or partially opens to the courtyard.
Example of a 3D rendering of design
A spreadsheet generated list of all components that are required in the bathroom renovation, the cost and specifics of the components
An example of a selection specification sheet
Listing all the colours, furnishings and fixtures that make to room styling.  List of all components and suppliers.  This one is a Function room
Example of a Digital Sample Board

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